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What happens when the art world meets healthcare? Väntrummet is an exhibition hybrid where a team of artists, playwrights, doctors, actors and researchers work side by side to tell about the everyday life of healthcare from an artistic perspective. Based on four major public diseases (mental illness, infectious disease, welfare disease and reproductive health), visitors can take part in exhibitions and performances in a hospital-inspired environment.



Wall to wall, life's biggest events take place. A child is born, a sick person takes his last breath. Bone fractures are repaired, transplants are performed and research is conducted. Based on this complex place, Väntrummet is emerging.


The year is 2016. Anna Nordlander, infection doctor and internal medicine doctor, experiences a lot of curiosity and a great desire for knowledge about body and health. Both at work and in private, and after an invitation to come to her daughter's school and tell about her profession as a doctor, she was pleasantly surprised by the flood of questions and interest the children also showed. The question grew in my mind, why is there not a place where you can come to learn about health, but in a fun, experience-based and creative way for everyone? The idea was expressed and together with some friends Anna began to explore these possibilities.

Andreas, with Anna Nordlander


There is a place that is equal for everyone, that everyone has a relationship with and that everyone, regardless of gender, religion, socio-economic background, visits at least a couple of times in life: the hospital. Wall to wall, life's biggest events take place, a child is born, a relative is said goodbye. All the complexities of life coexist here, bone fractures are repaired, gunshot wounds are taken care of, transplants are performed, examinations are analyzed and research is conducted. Rooms for silence and reflection are located next to each other with X-rays, education, clowns and art. We want to tell about this in order to educate people about health in a new and exciting way.

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