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Strategy and planning comes hand in hand and where the strategy is the compass and the planning the roadmap. So be a short journey off the beaten track or along the classic mainstream path.


Together with NBV we built 100 mini libraries and distributed over 8000 books all over Sweden. 

At the instant we rise from the table around which we have welcomed a new client or project, we set off to lay the best strategy and plan possible. It starts with our own research on the target audience for the set project. The research will then become one of the most important information to lay the foundation of the strategy upon. After carefully mapping the info we engage in the journey together with the client along our process roadmap, carefully designed to reach the goal.  

”We always try to leverage the most effect out of the least effort and cost in our strategies.”


An interactive exhibition hybrid based on the experiences within health care.

Preferably we draw the first lines together with our clients earliest possible in the process. We can take it all the way or partially. Or sometimes just start it off. We believe in honesty and that it pays off quick, so whether we are the best or not for the task, we are glad to pass on forward when needed, within our outside our ever growing network of experts.

No matter if working with a global conglomerate or a small local business owner the principles are the same. We don't like careless spending, we don't like using extra resources, we don't like wasting your time. The way forward isn’t a easy fix. We help by analyzing the existing assets and help develop the one’s needed. Together we create actual and doable plan forward. 

We might be a bit demanding but to create tangible and executable plans and strategies you need to take a deep look in to what you do and how you want to change it going forward. Regardless if it’s small production or a new business venture don’t skip the planning and strategy step it can make a world of difference!

Media planning


Certain media reaches certain people. We ensure that you do not waste money in the wrong place and don't reach the wrong target audience.



Make helpful guidelines and strategic documents that serve your entire company and helps them work and communicate in line with your brand.

Long term impact

It's easy to be short term, but what does that mean in 5 years? Let us help by making sure you make advancement in the long term perspective.



Music for the dead!


Transformation of the old meatpacking district to a new destination for food, living and working experiences, to add a 24/7 creative part to the city.


Wall Street Nacka was a mural festival created to give the inhabitants of Nacka Municipality a gigantic outdoor art gallery.


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