From phone apps to large statues we have designed and produced it all. We are proud to offer our clients a full service experience in both the digital and analogue realm. Kollektivet Livet are able to flow seamlessly in a wide variety of production services.
Model train for Polarbröd commercial, 2018.
Our process is based on our clients needs. We start with examining the target audience of each production and have that top of mind while
creating the concept of what to come. Being rooted in how people are going to experience what you create makes sure that everyone is content with their interaction with our work. We have all of Sweden’s top production facilities on speed dial in regards to film, set design, props & event decor. In regards to developing digital solutions if we don’t solve it ourself’s our best friends will.
”Our creativity and skills have developed through time, from details to the big picture, literally.”
Burning model house for Fenix at Dramaten, 2018.
We been in producing arts, installations, set design & props that are appreciated in productions for commercials, events, movies and private use. Either we print in 3d or sculpt by hand, the result is what matters. We guide our clients from the idea stage to the finished product ensuring the highest quality and price worthy production. We cover all of your needs, our design and production experience involves pretty much every technology out there. If we haven’t heard about it our production network has.
Building light triangles for AMF, 2019.
Engineering & Calculations
We make sure everything can handle what it is suppose todo! Material knowledge and structural engineering throughout the design process.
Technical Supervision
We work together with necessary municipalities, government agencies & authorities to ensure everything is up to code and follow laws and regulations.
Permits & Certifications
Our staff can provide guidance or handle all work regarding permits in your project. From construction permits to ISO certifications we can help.