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Culture is the patty making us humans stick together, creating that life between carefully planned walls and structures, acting as “collective hangers” upon which we, our communities and society, can hang our memories, experiences and identities.


110 artists, 40 actors and dancers, and 3 500 square meters. The biggest art installation we have ever done

Living in times like today the hourglass constantly reminds us of the conversion needed for a sustainable future. This, together with the ever before witnessed importance of arts and culture has become a game changer for us at Kollektivet Livet.

Our skills and vast experiences of working transfluently amongst genres of arts and culture, with different roles and throughout the entire line, from research and strategy to production and management, has made us experts at planning for the unplannable, giving space for change and curating processes towards the goals. 

Today art and culture has a leading role to play within urban planning and urban development and we provide our services for making places and to regenerate spaces. We perform pre-studies, construct implementation plans, curate and produce cultural content and create vibrant solutions for a sustainable cultural- and urban development.


Our legacy of constantly delivering the most creative solutions for any project, so being non-profit or with a lean budget for arts and culture to well financed ones for commercial gains, we have finally become reputable and most selectable. This has been a challenge as we kind of leave a paradigm where being the number one of “jack of all trades” predominantly making us 2nd place, now move into times for the hybrids like us. As we speak the languages of differences, can work seemingness with the unplanned and welcome different, we are now often requested and have a new challenge in balancing our different worlds as to maintain this expertise and not fall into the plowed furrow of same same every day.  


Bringing back an old timer for a brighter future.

  • To know when to pass on and not always run the entire line. Giving space to new talents and collaboratives, now that finally the winds and financings of this trade increases.

  • To find even better valuables and measurements for the values of culture.

  • Establish sustainable long term projects that have bonds to the co-creatives and participants today to the futures. 

  • To keep educating and standing up for the true values of the most free and innovative cultures. 

We won’t be the agency popping up everywhere where you usually find what you are looking for. Nor will we be the agency that desperately says and proposes what we believe our clients wants to hear. Because we aim at being part of real change and it will be adamant for us to be honest, brave and close to the ground and people living in our areas of work. 

We will pass the relay stick on when needed, not to cling on just for pur own sake. Sometimes we will walk hand in hand part of the way as a comfort when needed in a process, or start the journey for others to finish. In some heat’s we will pass to even partake if we sense there are others more adequate for the mission. This will all be a challenge, but we truly believe in change and will be part of the solution.

If you or your team, your organisation or your group face challenges that need creative solutions, cultural content or new means for strategy, don't hesitate to contact us and we are confident we will be able to assist you or point you in the right direction.

Skärmavbild 2023-01-09 kl. 17.52.21.png

Transformation of the old meatpacking district to become a new destination for food, living and working experiences and to add a 24/7 creative part to the city.


Curation based on mapping out participants of the community's “Needs”, “Dreams” and “Preconditions” is key for participatory culture. By mapping these passionate synergies will evolve and become the foundation of the curation towards the common goal.

By doing what we did and constantly reaching back to no-sayers and closed doors, finally, as progress were made, this format gained recognition for its great Art, and also, for its participatory culture, community building and facilitator of meetings.

Planning is key. Leaving blank spots for what is to come as the unknown, is ALSO key.


17 artists, 17 murals  and 2 weeks. The biggest public art gallery ever created in Stockholm.



The future of co-working.


Transformation of the old meatpacking district instead a destination for food, living and working experiences to add a 24/7 creative part to the city.


A mural festival created to give the inhabitants of Nacka municipality a gigantic outdoor art gallery.


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