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Kollektivet Livet was based on the simple premise that the possibility of what we ourselves can create are endless. In the beginning, most of what we did was for ourselves and just for the sake of doing it. These projects would often become the talk of the town, and people started reaching out about working together.

And here we are, years later. We have never lost sight of our goal to create the most innovative and creative projects for our clients. So let us help you create the creative influence that you and your company are looking for.


#Rotlös was created as an campaign for SOS barnbyar with the purpose to bring light to children at risk who are in custody of the state.


Standing out from the competition is becoming increasingly harder in a world that is moving faster and faster. As brands copy each other and the same basic marketing tactics are used for every brand, it is easy to see that the need for innovative and original ideas are needed more than ever.

We never want to do the same thing we have done before. We most certainly never want to do the same thing we have seen somebody else do before. And we don't think that you do either.

We believe that you want to stand out, and that will not happen if you are not willing to push past the same things we all constantly see around us. This is what we can help you with.

To offer your audience an inspiring experience, we need to establish and understand your brand. Knowing your audiences wants and needs will let you know what to connect to on an emotional level. Therefore, your marketing has to be aligned with your brand and marketing efforts.

Chances are that your business is not just interested in your average person. More likely you know your audience already, if
you build software you know that you audience is other businesses or people who have a specific need of that software. If you sell jewellery you might try to get other vendors to sell your products or a specific type of person who lives a lifestyle that matches your type of jewellery. If you sell food then, well maybe then you might just want to attract your average person on the street.


What does Eminem and Tove Lo
have in common?

While you might know all about your target audience, you still need to be able to cut through the noise to reach your audience. This is where we come in and will help you.

For 15 years, we have created campaigns, guerilla marketing and art that has gained, local, national and international attention. And we want to help your brand next.

We won’t be the agency popping up everywhere where you usually find what you are looking for. Nor will we be the agency that desperately says and proposes what we believe our clients wants to hear. Because we aim at being part of real creativity and it will be adamant for us to be honest, brave and close to the ground and reach your target group in a new and exciting way.


Together with Åkestam Holst and Pause, we created the worlds first sound system for coffins. 


For years we have created creative marketing campaigns for brands such as Heineken, Pause, Absolut Vodka, Universal Music, Sodastream, Philip's to name a few. We started out doing mostly guerilla marketing, and as we live and work close to the streets we still hold this form of marketing close to our hearts. However, as the world has, and is still becoming, more and more digital we taken our thinking from the streets to the screens. And while we are far from alone in creating in the digital sphere, our connection to the streets and foundation in art keeps our content fresh so that you can go beyond the constant feed of ads to be able to reach your audience online. Our strong sides are (but not limited to): 

  • Branding

  • Customer Experience

  • Advertisment and promotion

  • Services and products

If you or your team, your organisation or your group face challenges that need creative solutions, cultural content or new means for marketing, don't hesitate to contact us and we are confident we will be able to assist you or point you in the right direction.







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